Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Olive Oil and the reasons to love it.

Olive Oil is widely used in cooking but it benefits go way beyond the dinner table and kitchen.  Its usage dates back to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome because of it health benefits for the skin and the body. Quality can make a difference.  Try to buy a good equality oil.  However you do not have to spend your life savings on it.  

As you determine what oil works best for you keep in mind the following:

  • Look at the expiration date of the bottle.  Buy as fresh as possible.
  • Choose a dark color container as light will begin to break down the oil.
  • Purchase small amounts and buy more often.   Olive Oil can last 3 months to 3-4 years.  Unless you are going to use a lot of it, it is best to buy in small amounts so you are not wasting your money.
  • Store in a cool dark location in your home.  Again, light and heat can damage the oil. 

But why is Olive Oil so good for your skin?  It contains hydroxytyrosol a very rare antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage to skin cells.  Olive oil is able to penetrate deep into the skin naturally without any harmful side effects which makes it ideal for all skin types.  It also contains vitamin A & E.

Olive Oil is popular in anti aging and anti wrinkle creams.  It creates a protective barrier on the skin that does not clog pores but helps the skin retain its own moisture keeping it hydrated.  Because of this reason Olive Oil is safe to use on your face.

For those who deal with eczema or psoriasis, Olive Oil can help relieve some the itching and irritation.  Add about a quarter cup of oil to your bath water or apply a small amount of oil directly on the skin.  It will not cure eczema or psoriasis but it is a healthy alternative to lotions that will only clog the pores in the area you are trying to treat.  Remember read the labels of the lotions you are using.  Odds are if you have not heard of an ingredient or cannot pronounce it, it probably will be harmful to your skin.  Do your research!

Olive Oil is great for shaving.  Apply a thin layer over the skin like you would with shaving cream.  You will find less razor rash, bumps and nicks on your skin.  I know many people will use my skin scrubs to exfoliate their skin and after rinsing off the scrub they will shave the unwanted hair.   The skin is left clean, smooth and moisturized.

Here are 101 reasons why Olive Oil is so beneficial from Robbins Family Farm

Like many of the oils I use, Olive Oil is good for your body both on the inside and outside.  It is one of Mother Nature’s rules.  If it is good for the skin it is good for you internally.

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