Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Using Soap to Clean Dentures

Every day I learn something new.  I know this may sound odd but it is true.   My friend recently had a new pair of dentures made.  When she spoke with her dentist she found out one on the best things to clean dentures with is soap.  She couldn’t wait to tell me what she found out.  Of course the dentist did not want to bad mouth any of the over the counter denture cleansers but highly recommended using soap.

My friend has been using my soaps for a few years and knowing there are no chemicals in my soaps thought she would try it.   She had a bar of unscented, which is what I would recommend, and brushed her dentures.   She said it cleaned them better than anything she has used over the years.  She no longer uses over-the-counter-denture cleaners to clean her dentures.

After reading several articles I didn’t find one bad comment about using soap on your dentures.  All the articles recommended using a soft tooth brush as to not scratch your dentures.   Scratches on the dentures can cause bacteria to form and cause bad breath. 

Many articles also recommended using:

Aloe Vera Gel is a natural anti-fungal   Place a small amount of on the dentures twice a day is all it takes to keep your dentures clean and your gums healthy. Aloe gel is safe to ingest.  I know many people who drink it daily.

Backing Soda is a great odor neutralizer.  Who hasn’t experienced baking soda to brush your teeth?   Soak dentures in 2 tsp of baking soda water mixture to help loosen food particles.  Don’t scrub your dentures with baking soda.  It could scratch them.

White Vinegar helps kill bacteria and helps remove tarter.  Soak your dentures for 15 minutes in one part vinegar and one part water.  However you need to be careful of any metal that is found in denture partials as it can erode over time.

Well there you are.  You know all four of these ingredients and unless you are allergic to any of them they are safe to use.   No harmful chemicals and all can be found in your local store.    I haven’t priced these ingredients but I am going to guess they are cheaper then over the counter denture cleansers. 

Always make sure you check with your dentist before starting a new cleaning routine.  

Happy denture cleaning!

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